The Secret to Doing Things You Hate, Without Hating It

The Secret to Doing Things You Hate, Without Hating It

Do you ever do things you hate?
Of course you do. Sometimes we all do.

Life requires us to do things we hate sometimes.

I’ve discovered the secret to doing things I hate, without hating it.
Here’s the secret:
When you hate what you have to do, find motivation in why you have to do it. [tweet this]

I hate getting up early, but I did today so my kids could enjoy a special breakfast program with their mom at school. I did not want to get up early (what I had to do), but I was motivated by why I needed to do it: to provide a good experience for my kids and wife. I love them more than I hate mornings. So I got up early today without hating it.

Discovering why to do something can be all the motivation you need to do the things you hate, without hating it. [tweet this]

You may hate the dentist, but you want to have some teeth left in 40 years. So you go to the dentist.

You may hate the gym, but you want to be healthy and have energy. So you go to the gym.

You may hate performance reviews, but you want to achieve excellence in your field. So you receive the feedback from the performance review.

Discovering why is the secret to doing things you hate. [tweet this]

An Inspiring Example

My wife hates running. She ran one 5K race a few years ago—and hated it. She decided not to run any more races.

Yet, my wife loves her brother. Her brother has been a Leukemia survivor for over 10 years. This year he is the “honored hero” for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team running the Cleveland Marathon.

My wife, who hates running, is running her first 10K this weekend. She loves her brother more than she hates running. She is running in honor of her brother and to raise money to support Leukemia patients and research for a cure.

She found a reason to run that was stronger than her hatred of running.

I’m proud of her. She has been training for a few months and is ready to rock the race this weekend. I think she’s even enjoying it.

Sometimes, doing the things you hate just requires a bit of motivation. Find your why. [tweet this]

What about you?
What do you hate doing?
Might discovering your why help?

Pat Hannon
Pat Hannon Dr. Pat Hannon is a pastor, currently serving at Unity UMC. He is a musician. Listen to his latest music on YouTube. Most importantly, he is a life-long student of Jesus.