1 Bible Verse Leaders MUST Memorize

1 Bible Verse Leaders MUST Memorize

If you are a Christian leader, or you aspire to be a leader, you MUST memorize this bible verse.

Do not let those who hope in you be put to shame because of me, O Lord God of hosts; do not let those who seek you be dishonored because of me, O God of Israel. -Psalm 69:6 NRSV

The story hit the news this week of another Christian leader whose personal choices have brought shame and dishonor on God and His people. Moments of weakness, bad judgement, and willful sin continue to destroy the ministry of capable leaders. Every time this happens, shame and dishonor is brought not only on the leader, but on all the people of God.

In today’s world, non-Christians are not particularly interested in whether Christianity is true. They are much more interested in if it is effective. Does Christianity actually produce in the lives of Christians what they claim it can do? I am convinced that it does, but every moral failure of a Christian leader works to convince the world of the opposite.

So leaders, and those who aspire to be leaders, memorize Psalm 69:6. Pray this verse often. And may these words guide you, coming from deep in your memory, if you are ever on the verge of bringing shame and dishonor to God and His people.

Will you commit to memorizing and praying Psalm 69:6?

Pat Hannon
Pat Hannon Dr. Pat Hannon is a pastor, currently serving at Unity UMC. He is a musician. Listen to his latest music on YouTube. Most importantly, he is a life-long student of Jesus.