Shift Into 2021

This week we turn the page to a new year. Most new years are full of optimism for the year ahead. 2020 was no exception.

52 Verses Bible Memory Challenge

We always seem to be looking for a magic solution, that one trick that will let us rise above the difficulties and conquer all that life throws at us -...

Four Bible Reading Plans for a New Year

Happy New Year! What are your resolutions this year? There’s a good chance you plan to read the bible more this year. As you planed last year.

Book Review: The Art of Work

I was in an epic struggle. Despite years of time and effort I wasn't sure I could finish the project. This wasn't your everyday kind of project; this was a life...

5 Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day Without Beer and Brisket

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. Many cities will host large celebrations to celebrate Irish heritage. These celebrations often involve parades, brisket, and lots of beer.

The Best Reason For A Christian To Avoid Alcohol

I have heard many reasons for Christians to abstain from alcohol. Most of these reasons focus on personal piety, personal health, and personal responsibility.